Strange Days

Yesterday was a strange day at Calvary. The Lord blessed us with His presence in the AM service. Our choir sang and people got some real help. Then a young man in our church stood up and announced his call to preach the Word. I don’t think anyone was surprised, but it still made for a great morning at church. I am also encouraged that there are some talented, godly young men coming along behind my generation. That excites me! Last night, we had a a missionary with us. Brother Tom Shuford, founder of Psalm 23 Ministries, came by to update us on his work. We had a good service. God is faithful to bless us for His glory.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day, but it was a strange day for me on several levels. I won’t go into the feelings I experienced, because I really don’t trust my feelings. For the most part, our feelings arise out of our fleshly natures, and are an unreliable source of guidance. I do covet your prayers as I sense the Lord is doing something in my life. I want to be sensitive to Him and His will.



It’s Sunday And The Lord Is Speaking To My Heart

I am excited about it being the Lord’s Day today. I am headed out to church to preach about my Savior. I am looking forward to opening the Bible and see what the Spirit of God has to say through it. Preacher, when you stand on that platform today, open your Bible, open your heart, then open your mouth and let the Lord speak through you. This will be a day to remember!