Praise The Lord!

The Lord passed by Calvary today. We had a precious soul saved this morning. I praise His name for His grace in salvation. I appreciate Him reminding us that He is God. There was such a great spirit in the services today. It was a pleasure to be a part the meeting. Just thought I’d stop by to share the goodness of God. Hallelujah!



Spring Fever

The past few weeks have been a busy time for the Carr’s. I have preached the last four weeks in meeting. The past two weeks were spent at Wayside Baptist Church in Taylorsville, NC with Brother Sammy Kiser and the fine folks there. We had a great meeting. Needs were met, the Lord was worshiped and the people were helped. I thank God for the privilege for being allowed to be there those nights. I did have to miss the first two nights because of a funeral in Alabama. My uncle passed away and the responsibility for the service fell to me. I truly appreciated that opportunity. So, we have been running the roads lately. Add to that a good case of strep throat and bronchitis for my dear wife and it adds up to busy days. Tomorrow we will leave for Carrollton, GA to preach in the campmeeting at Central Baptist Church where Dr. Doug Bearden in the Pastor. Please pray for this meeting as well. Also preaching will be Dana Williams, Steven Dagenhart, James R. Fox, and others. The Carl Partain family will be providing music for the meeting.

That’s all I have for this morning. I hope to get back into a regular schedule of blogging shortly. God bless and I pray the Lord will bless you as you gather at His house today.