No Church On Sunday

This weekend has been a long one. We spent the day at home Saturday, Sunday and it looks like we will be here today as well. Joan had a doctor appointment this morning, but we cannot get out of our driveway. So, I am stuck here until the great city of Lenoir comes by to scrape our street. It is solid ice right now, so here is where I will stay.

Missing church yesterday gave me the chance to think about church and what it means to my life. I miss going to church to worship the Lord. I know I can worship Him anywhere I am, but how sweet it is to gather together with like-minded saints to worship our Redeemer. I miss the people at Calvary. They are special to me and I miss them with I cannot worship with them. Sunday was a long day, but I am now looking forward to Wednesday evening. Lord willing, we will be able to travel by then.

I thank God for the bodily rest I have enjoyed over these past few days, but I am ready to get back at it for His glory!



Home Again

After a good week at Corolla, NC on vacation, Joan and I headed home yesterday. We were supposed to come home today, but me being the brilliant deducer of amazing things that I am, decided that we needed to come home a day early. So, we left the coast at 9:30 AM headed west right into the teeth of the worst winter storm predictions in several years. Things went well for a while, then we encountered snow around Greensboro. The farther west we traveled the worse the storm became. We made good time and had little to no trouble navigating the roads until we reached Hickory, NC.

When we got there, just 20 miles from home, we found our way blocked by a wreck on the Catawba River bridge. We sat there for an hour, then turned around and sought a different route home. We struck out down Connelly Springs Road and did well until we came to Castle Bridge, which also crosses the Catawba River. We sat there in traffic for nearly an hour until a wreck was cleared away. We drove for about 5 miles and had to wait again, this time for over an hour and a half because of some wrecks up the road. I contacted a church member, who is also a fireman (Thanks Sam!), and he suggested an alternate route. We took his advice and were making great progress until we came to a hill that had been rutted out by big 4×4 truck tires. I couple not coax the Camry up the incline! So, I called Sam again and his wife Sherry rolled to our rescue. Sam and a few other guys helped push us up the hill.

We finally made it home around 11:00 PM, followed all the way by Sam and Sherry. (Thanks a lot guys!) Did I mention that we were in the midst of a snowstorm? Did I mentioned that several inches of the white stuff fell while we were spending 7 hours trying to travel twenty miles? Did mention that 14 hours in a car is a long time? Did I mention that I am glad to be home? Did I mention that I regret trading the ’05 Yukon 4×4 we had for the 2-wheeled drive Toyota Camry? However, the Camry did great! It cruised along and rolled past several 4×4’s that were stuck in the snow.

Anyway, I thank the Lord for watching out after us as we traveled. I appreciate the friends who called us along the way to make sure we were OK. I appreciate the folks who came to our rescue.

So, due to the snow there will be no church at Calvary tomorrow. I know that some folks will have it, but I tend to err on the side of caution. I try to think about the people who would come if the doors were opened, people who could be hurt badly if they slipped on ice and fell. I try to remember that God is not up in Heaven waiting to see whether or not we will punch the clock this Sunday. I try to remember that He knew Sunday was coming when He sent the snow. Anyway, I will miss my fellow church members tomorrow, but we will meet on Wednesday and go to meeting. I can’t wait!


The View From Corolla, NC

Today was kind of a lazy day for us. We slept in and then we read until lunch time. After lunch we rented a Jeep and drove up the beach (Yes, you can drive on the beach here.) looking for wild horses. There is a herd of wild horses just north of Corolla that numbers around 100. There are several small herds actually and we saw two of those herds today. We saw wild horses in Swan Beach and we saw more in Corova. Driving on the beach was a new experience. It was especially fun when we left the beach, went behind the dunes and drove on some of the so called roads in the area. After we finished out Jeep expedition we went to Corolla Park and took some sundown pictures while we nearly froze to death. At any rate, I am posting some more photos from our adventures today, along with a few from yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.


Pictures From The Outer Banks

I thought you folks might enjoy a few photographs I took yesterday here on the Outer Banks. I want to apologize for the shots of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The sun was in the wrong location for shooting the lighthouse. It wasn’t the sun’s fault. I was just there at the wrong time of the day.


It’s The Middle Of December

For my wife and me that means it is vacation time. In the past we have visited places like Key West, the Caribbean, the area around Myrtle Beach, among others. This year we are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We rented a house in a place called Corolla. It is about as far north as you can go on the Outer Banks. There isn’t much here in the way of entertainment, or people, for that matter. This place is desolate! Joan and I are staying in a house that sleeps about 17 people. There are 2 king sized beds, two queen sized beds, two twin beds, a set of bunk beds, and a couple of sleeper sofas, and we have the whole place to ourselves. This house in a beachfront development containing dozens of houses. As far as I can tell, there may be one other house that is occupied this week. Most of the stores and restaurants are closed for winter, and it is deathly quiet around here. In other words, it’s just like I like it! No noise and no crowds of people. For me, this week is about rest. It is about reconnecting with my wife. It is about getting my head together after a busy summer and fall. It is about just getting away for a few days. It has been just what I needed so far.

It is a foggy morning here on the coast. When the fog burns off, we may drive a couple of miles north and see if we can find the famed Corolla wild horses. These horses are survivors of Spanish shipwrecks that occurred some 500 years ago. The first recorded sighting of the wild mustangs on this spit of land was in 1523. Then, we might drive down to Kitty Hawk and check out the Wright Brothers Museum and Monument. Sorry Ohio, they flew here first! After that, well, who knows? Perhaps I will check in later this week. Perhaps I won’t.


What About The Twilight Series?

I have been amazed at the attraction to the Twilight Series among professed believers. it strikes me as odd that Christians would be drawn to such occult icons as vampires and werewolves, even if they are not your typical vampires and werewolves. It also strikes me as odd that Christians would embrace this series of books and movies without ever questioning the motive behind the series. Obviously, the author, and lots of others, have made piles of money off the series. It may surprise you to learn that there may be a more sinister motive behind these popular books and movies. Did you know that the author of the Twilight Series is a Mormon, and that she uses the books and the symbols and metaphors they contain to spread her faith? There is an article at Touchstone by John Granger that is well worth a serious read. At least take the time to check it out before you drink the KoolAid! In case you missed it, here is the link:

Hey, here’s an idea for the Christian community, what if we returned to reading the Word of God instead of drivel like this that weakens the soul and has the potential to lead us into error? Just a thought!


Just Got In

It’s about 2:15 AM Friday and I just got in. Actually, I was in the bed about to drift off to sleep when the phone rang notifying me that one of our dear ladies, who was moved to Hospice on Wednesday, was about ready to leave this world. I got up, got dressed and made my way over there to be with the family. I stood there as they sang to her, prayed with her, talked to her and read the Bible to her. After a while, she slipped off into glory. She had been sick for quite a while, but she isn’t any longer.

Death is can be a cruel messenger. When it comes for one who is not prepared, it leaves the living with a great sense of loss and with no hope at all. When it comes for a child of God, it leaves the living with a sense of peace, and with the sure knowledge that their loved one is with the Lord. I praise the Lord for the hope we have in Jesus! I praise Him for the grace of God that He exhibits in salvation. I praise Him for saving the worst, the weakest, the most foolish and the most undeserving of sinners. I praise Him that He saves us, changes our lives and gives us a new start in Him. I thank God that He gives us hope! When it comes my time to leave this world, I have His promise that I will leave here to go there, with no gap between the two. I will exhale here and inhale there! Praise the Lord, what  heritage the saints of God have in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Do you know Him? The most cruel thing you could ever do is leave this world without your family knowing where you are going. Be sure those who love you know where you stand with Jesus. If you are not saved, look to Him by faith and call on Him for salvation. If you are saved, live like it! May God help us to leave such a legacy that our loved ones have hope when we depart for eternity!