Tuesday Musings

It has been a while since I stopped by the write anything. That has been intentional. For the last while blogging has been pretty low on my list of things that needed to be done. However, I decided to sit down this morning to share a few thoughts and to catch up with you.

The past few weeks have been busy with my responsibilities at church and school. Things are going very well at Calvary Baptist, and for that we are grateful. The Lord has been meeting with us, blessing His Word and sending visitors in ever increasing numbers. That is always a good thing. School is going well at West Lenoir. We have a good group of men this year and the we are enjoying some very special times as we study the Word of God and fellowship together around the things of God. I finally got around to updating the CD-Rom. It is now a DVD, which contains The Sermon Notebook website, and about 3,000 of my sermons. If you are interested, you can go to the DVD page for more information. What else? Oh yeah, I am currently working with Wordsearch to make my sermons available as part of their program. I am pretty excited about that. I will let you know when they release the add-on module.

I am preaching this week at Startown First Baptist Church in Newton, NC. The Pastor is Brother Dean Hart. Thus far, we are having a great time in the Lord. He has demonstrated His power in the last two services, and I am expecting that He will continue to honor His Word throughout the week. Pray for the services and join us for worship, if you can.

I do have some ideas for future blog posts, but we will see what time allows. About a year ago, I switched over the the iPad as the primary platform for my sermon note. In coming days, I would like to share with you how I use that amazing tool in preaching, if you are interested. I also have a few thoughts on plagiarism I would like to share with you, among other things.

Thanks for continuing to vist The Sermon Notebook, and this blog. I noticed I have nearly 100 visitors to the blog yesterday, even though I have not posted anything since August. I find that very odd. Of course, there are a number of folks who are on the prowl for things to criticize, may they find all they need to satisfy their baser desires. The Sermon Notebook continues to do well. I praise the Lord for that. We average around 25,000 visitors per day, with more on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am honored that you take the time to make our ministry a part of your lives.

God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers.