Great Meeting Last Week

The meeting at Central Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA was probably the best meeting I have been to in a long time. The preaching was excellent and the Spirit of the Lord was present in every service. Sometimes, campmeeting degenerates into a preaching competition. That spirit was very much absent last week. Every message was on target and substantive. The content of the sermons was helpful and served as food for my soul. I truly appreciated being invited to the meeting. The singing was top notch as well. Local choirs, folk in the church, sister Robin Calhoun and the Gilley Family all did a great job with the singing.

Besides the spiritual component of the meeting, the Pastor and people of Central Baptist went above the call of duty. They provided us with a fine room in a local motel. They labored and served us two complete meals each day. The Pastor, Brother Doug Bearden, is simply a prince of a man. He has a special touch on his life and I am grateful to be able to call him my friend.

We had a good day Sunday at Calvary. The Lord helped us in both services and I praise Him for that. On Monday, I preach at Lakeview Baptist Church here in Lenoir. They are having a different preacher each evening this week in their revival. We had a good service. There Pastor is Brother Ron Burgett. He is being used of God at Lakeview. This Friday and Saturday I am preaching at Community Baptist Church in Morganton, NC, where Brother Billy Bollinger is the Pastor. This is a youth meeting. Please pray for the services. On Friday, I will be preaching by myself. On Saturday, I will be join by Brother Jesse Carr, who is the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Morganton, NC. Brother Jesse is also my son! Pray for us. Then, on Monday, I will be going to Wake Forest, NC to preach for three nights at Good Hope Baptist Church. They are without a Pastor, but their Interim is Dr. Fred Williams. Pray for this meeting as well.

I am looking forward to being at Calvary this evening for our Wednesday service. As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” I love to go here and there and preach, but I sure do get to missing my folks. Isn’t it amazing what the Lord does in the heart of a preacher when he places him in a church? it’s like a wedding in some ways.

Have a good day!

Alan Carr


Great Service Last Night

The campmeeting at Central Baptist in Carrollton, GA got off to a good start last night. The Lord moved in and we enjoyed some great singing by the church choir and the Rick Gilley Family. Jimbo Seaton and Steve Dagenhart both preached powerful messages, and God helped some folks. Praise His name! I am on my way over for the morning session, where I am scheduled to preach the first message. (I hope you are praying!) I don’t have time for more now, but I will try to keep you folks updated as the meeting progresses.

Alan Carr

Greetings From Carrollton, GA

Joan and I made it safely to Carrollton today. We are here for the campmeeting at Central Baptist Church. Brother Doug Bearden is the Pastor. Brother Doug is one of God’s choice preachers and he is a faithful friend. I am honored to be asked to preach in this meeting. Please pray for the meeting. I am scheduled to preach in the morning services every day, along with Keith Purser. Rick Safriet, Steve Dagenhart, John Edmiston, Ruel Fox, Marty Watkins, among others will be preaching in the evening services. Pray the God will be exalted in the meeting. I am here to preach, but more importantly, I am here to get fed and to draw closer to my Lord. Pray for us this week.

Alan Carr

Thank God for His Blessings

We went to church on Sunday and the Lord gave us a special day. He met with us in power and glory and He stirred the waters around the house of God. I appreciate Him doing that for us! I did not get to preach on Sunday morning and I barely got to on Sunday evening. It was another good service.

On top of that, Sunday was a rather big day for our family. First, our son Jesse, was called by Bethlehem Baptist Church in Morganton, NC to be their next Pastor. Pray for Jesse as he assumes his responsibilities at Bethlehem. He may be my son, but he is a gifted young preacher and I am proud of him. He will feed his flock in the green pasture of the Word of God. I am excited for him and for them. Then, our church called Chad Carswell, who is also my son-in-law, to be our next Associate Pastor. He will begin his duties on May 4th. Our current Associate, Brother Josh Hinson, is moving to Brunswick, GA to begin a church plant there at the end of May. Please pray for Josh and his family as they make the move south. We will miss them at Calvary, but we are sure the Lord has big things ahead for this fine family. Remember to pray for Chad as he begins his work at Calvary. There will be challenges, but I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for Chad and for our church.

I am preaching this week at Bethel Baptist Church in the Vashti community north of Taylorsville, NC. The service last evening was great! The Lord gave us great liberty to preach and He moved at the end of the service with several people coming forward to bow around the altar in prayer. Please pray for us as this meeting progresses.

Well, it’s about time to go preach. I will try to update you folks about the meeting this week. Take care!

Alan Carr

Where Does The Time Go?

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and filled with one trial after another. Just when it seems that things couldn’t get any better, Satan, or someone who works for him, throws a monkey wrench into the machinery. Oh well, I guess that’s how you know you are on track. If you aren’t attracting any persecution, you probably aren’t doing anything for the Lord. That being said, please pray for me as I have to make a few critical decisions over the next few days and weeks.

Our meeting at Harris Chapel Baptist Church here in Caldwell County is going pretty well. The services have been good, but I felt as though the preaching was sort of flat tonight. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Those matters rest in the sovereign hand of Almighty God. Pray for the meeting as we bring it to a close on Friday night.

I am thankful for my Baptist heritage today. I praise the Lord for those who laid the track that I run on in these days. I appreciate those who “stayed by the stuff” and didn’t jump onto the bandwagon of modernism and worldly, flesh-centered worship. A lot of the great men men who paved the way for us have already left this world. Many others will make their crossing soon. I am not ready to chuck them to the curb. In fact, I am growing more resolute each day in my commitment to the Word of God, biblical preaching and the power of God in His church. No, it’s not time to change lanes; it’s just time to put the pedal to the floor and go somewhere for the Lord.

Your’s in Jesus,
Alan Carr

No Excuses

I hope all of you faithful readers are well. If, that is, anyone even bothers to stop by here any longer. I have been very slack in my blogging lately. I suppose it is like many others things; at time a lack of interest develops. At any rate, I am at the keyboard today. I do have a busy day today, with some hospital visits to make and cottage prayer meeting to conduct tonight. It should be a great day, however, because any day spent in the Lord’s service is a great day! Amen?

I wanted to share a book that I have been reading lately. It is called The Secret Key To Heaven by Thomas Brooks. It is published by The Banner Of Truth Trust as part of their Puritan Paperbacks series. This book was first published in London in 1665 under the title The Privie Key Of Heaven.  This book is a treatment of our Lord’s command that His people should engage in times of “closet prayer“, Matt. 6:6. The author suggests that God’s people are guilty of neglecting their “indispensable duty” of spending secret, private time in the presence of God. This book is very convicting and challenging and I recommend it to every believer who feels that their private time with God is lacking and could be energized. I found my copy at, and I am sure they have a few more copies.

May the Lord bless you today. I will try to do better about dropping by to blog. God bless you all!

Alan Carr