Another Meeting Over

I finished the prophecy conference at River Valley Baptist Church in Morganton, NC tonight. All in all, it was a good meeting, though I did feel that my preaching was subpar tonight. I am not a prophecy buff, but the Pastor wanted his people to learn more about the end times, so he asked me to preach on that theme. I honored his desire and the Lord truly blessed the meeting. Next week, I will have the last four nights of the Burke COunty Campmeeting also in Morganton, NC. Please remember that meting, which is already underway this week, in your prayers.

It is quiet at the Carr household this evening. My precious wife has taken our daughter and grandson to Pigeon Forge for a mini vacation. I miss her when she is away, or when I am away. After nearly three decades of marriage, I am used to having her around. I have been blessed with a special woman. She loves me unconditionally, and she is one of God’s greatest gifts to me. I miss you honey! Lord willing, she will be home on Saturday evening.

Well, it’s time for bed right now. I am weary from preaching and from battling a chest cold I have had for some 10 days now. Praise the Lord!

Several people have asked me about my daughter Nikki and her baby Johanna. She went to the doctor today and Johanna has a strong heartbeat. They measured it at 149. For more information, please visit Nikki’s blog here. Thank you for your prayers for Nikki, Chad, Johanna and Clayton.


Prophecy Conference At River Valley Baptist Church

I am preaching a prophecy conference at River Valley Baptist Church in Morganton, NC this week. The Pastor is Brother Kenneth Shew. Thus far, the meeting as gone very well. It has been well attended and there has been great liberty to preach. Each night the congregation has been engaged with the preaching and have responded by filling the altars to pray. Continue to lift us up if you will. I have been preaching through a bad chest cold. I am coughing my head off and my voice is just about gone. On top of that, I have another meeting next week. I don’t have a whole lot more to say today. My mind is muddled and I have a lot to do.

Sorry For My Absence

I just realized that it’s been four days since I posted to this here blog. Joan and I came back home from Beech Mountain on Wednesday and got right back into the swing of things. In other words, it was busy-ness as usual. We did have a great service on Wednesday evening, I preached from Hebrews 11 on The Testimony Of Biblical Faith. The Lord let me get in the glory for a few minutes, and I appreciate that! We had a good crowd in spite of torrential rains and the fact that our county’s three high schools all had graduation Wednesday evening. Thursday was a whirlwind of activity to. I went to the hospital and met with a Pastor friend to talk about some issues he is facing. After that, I can’t seem to remember much. Friday was spent studying for Sunday and meeting with a man at church. Friday night we went to the funeral home and out to eat. Clayton, our wonderful grandson, spent the night with us last night. I woke up this morning unable to speak above a whisper. My voice has come back to some degree, but this cold has me in its grip. I am hoping that I can preach tomorrow at Calvary. I have a meeting to preach next week, and Monday evening I am scheduled to open to Caldwell County Commissioners meeting with prayer. Anyway, that’s all I got today.

Beautiful Day In The Mountains

I am sitting on the deck of the chalet this morning. It is a pleasant 65 degrees here in Beech Mountain. Joan and I have enjoyed our time together. It is always good to get away with just her. Due to my preaching obligations and church duties, we don’t get very many days to spend together. So, it’s been nice to get away for a couple of days. Anyway, yesterday we went to West Jefferson, NC. They have a cheese factory there. You can go into the viewing room and watch them make cheese, but that’s kind of lame. They have a cheese store across the street and sell many, many different varieties of cheese there. We bought some and it is good. I especially like the super sharp cheddar. Next, we went to see the CHurches of the Frescoes. There are two old Episcopalian churches in the West Jefferson area that have large fresco style paintings by a fellow named Ben Long. Apparently, they are quiet a tourist attraction. Joan has wanted to go see them for some time. Well, we saw them! The paintings are good, but the churches are in deplorable shape. I was amazed by their condition, especially the one in Glendale Springs. We have been there, if I never go back it will be too soon for me. Then, we went to Valle Crucis, NC to Mast General Store. They have a candy shop and Joan has a massive sweet tooth.  She bought her a poke full of sweet treats. After that, we went to a steak house called Stonewalls in Banner Elk, NC. It’s overpriced and overrated. The steak was good, but I was underwhelmed by the whole experience. After that, it was back to the house and into the hot tub for a while. All in all, it was a great day! Today, we have done nothing! And this after noon, I plan to do a whole lot more of that. It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it!

I would like you to pray for a couple of friends of mine, Pastor Chris Benfield and Brother James Smith. These men need the help and encouragement of the Lord in their lives right now. Please say a prayer for them, asking the Lord to give them direction for their lives. They would appreciate it, and so would I.

Hello From Beech Mountain

We finished our tent meeting on Friday night with a great service and the best attendance of the week. I appreciate Pastor Eugene Braswell, Willowdale Baptist Church and all the folks who faithfully attended the meeting each night. It was a good week for me. Saturday, we had a Men’s Breakfast at the church. About 100 men came to eat and to hear Brother Eddie Jolly, Pastor of Lebanon Baptist Church in Taylorsville, NC preach. We had a wonderful time in the Lord.

Yesterday was a good day in God’s house. I preached on the crucifixion yesterday morning from Mark 15. I talked specifically about the three hours of darkness when Jesus was on the cross when He became sin for His bride. It was a message that made me grateful for His grace in my life. Last night I began a new series on the judges of Israel. I am looking for ward to that. I think it will be helpful to see how the Lord used ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

Joan and I are in Beech Mountain, NC for a couple of days of R and R. I have preached 9 out of the last 11 weeks and we have had little time together. We know a Christian man and woman who own a number of vacation homes and they have graciously allowed us to use one of their houses without charge for a few days. This house is massive! It is three stories, and well over 3,000 square feet. It is surrounded by many decks. It has an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, a game room, and at least five bedrooms and four baths. And, it is for sale. If someone would like to buy it, it is only $579,000. Anyway, pray for us as we decompress and reconnect.

Back In The Tent Last Night

The weather cooperated and the rain waited until we were finished, so we had services under the tent last night. Attendance was good and there was a good spirit in the meeting. The Lord met with us and some people got some help from the Lord. If nothing happens, the meeting will end up tonight. It has been a good week. I have made some new friends and I am grateful for that. Pray for us as we close out the meeting.

Tomorrow morning we will have a Men’s Breakfast at Calvary. We have about 100 men coming together to eat and fellowship around the Word of God. Brother Eddie Jolly will be preaching in the service. There will be some lost men there, so pray that some will be saved.

Tents Are Out; Churches Are In

Well it rained in the mountains yesterday. Apparently, it was what the mountain folk call “A frog strangler.” At any rate, the rain deposioted about 50 gallons of water on top of the tent in each of the four corners. This rendered said tent unsafe for human habitation and for preachments. So, we moved the show to the auditorium of Willowdale Baptist Church. It was a good meeting, in a good air condioned building. So much for the good old days. Whenever that was. Tonight, we will be back under the tent, weather permitting. All jesting aside, the meeting is going very well and I praise the Lord for that. It has to be Him, because I haven’t had a clue what I was preaching until I arrived each night, and He has blessed His Word each day. Keep praying for us as we meet to seek the Lord for revival.

Another Good Night Of Meeting In Vilas

The Lord blessed the second night of the tent meeting in Vilas, NC. The crowd was a bit smaller than it was on Monday, but that can be attributed to showers that were moving through the area. By the time we started the service, the sun was shining. We had a great service and the Lord moved in power, speaking to hearts and doing His eternal work in lives. I praise Him for His faithfulness to His Word and to His people! I suppose we will head that way again later today for night number three. Please pray for the meeting, if you will. Also, pray for my throat. Preaching in the great outdoors is taking a toll on my ability to speak. I would appreciate your prayers.

A bluegrass group sang in the service last night. They did a good job, but the first song they sang bothered me a bit. It was a song about an old preacher. The chorus went something like this: “He didn’t have any education, but he had what it takes.” The emphasis being that education was a bad thing. I am sure the folks singing the song did not mean it in a negative way. But, I felt like I needed to address the issue. In our part of the world there are some people who think that a preacher who goes to school is a liberal. I personally believe that the call to preach is the call to prepare oneself for the ministry. There are some schools and some professors who think it is there responsibility to undermine every student’s faith in the things of God. Those schools and those professors need to be avoided like the plague. Not all schools and not all teachers are like that. I have been privileged to get a little education. My path through Bible school was a little nontraditional, to say the least, but I am thankful for the twelve years or so spent in the classroom after I graduated from high school. For the past ten years I have been an instructor in a Bible Institute. So, I do have some experience in the matter. I can say that a good, biblical education helps far more than it hinders. If you have bought into the lie that a preacher does not need school, I would advise you to look at that matter again. If memory serves me correctly, Paul spent three years in the wilderness after his call, shut away with the Word of God, preparing himself for the ministry that lay ahead of him. You may not be able to go to a traditional college and seminary, but there are many opportunities to get a good Bible education. I can recommend West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministry without reservation. Every instructor, save yours truly, is a genuine, Spirit-filled, man of God. Every instructor is a Bible-believing Pastor. Every instructor, save your truly, is a great preacher of the Word. Here is the web site:, and the first day of class this year will be August 24 at 8:30 AM. Come join us, if you are a God called man. If you do, you will get an education that will help you develop the gifts and calling the Lord has placed in and on your life.

Tent Meeting In Vilas, NC This Week.

Last night was the first of five nights under the “canvas cathedral” in Vials, NC. Willowdale Baptist Church and their Pastor, Brother Eugene Braswell, are hosting the meeting. This is the first meeting of its kind to be held in this community. The Lord blessed us last night with beautiful weather and a good attendance. I would guess there were around 75-80 people under the tent. I had great liberty to preach and the Lord blessed at the end of the meeting. Please remember us this week as I travel back and forth and preach each night. God sure has been good to me, opening doors and giving me opportunities to preach, but I have some decisions to make in that arena and I would appreciate your prayers that God would give me wisdom to know His will for my life. Better yet, pray that I will simply walk with Him. If I will do that, I will always go where He intends me to go. That, and nothing more, is what I want for my life. 

Also, yesterday, I attended the funeral for Brother Jimmy Lambert. He is the 99 year old preacher I mentioned in the post yesterday. His funeral service was superb! Each preacher did a great job opening the Word of God and magnifying Jesus. The choir sang “Shouting Time In Heaven”, which was apparently Brother Lambert’s favorite choir song. After the song played, they played a recording of Brother Jimmy talking about his conversion and about that song. It was a blessing to hear his voice and to know that :he being dead still speaks.” Brother Jimmy lived a clean life and left an untarnished testimony. Let us all pray that we will be found faithful to the Lord for as long as we live. I surely don’t want to bring reproach upon the One Who gave Himself for me!

Pray for the meeting this week!

Let’s See

This weekend has been very busy. On Saturday we had a meal for our C.A.R.E. teams. During that meal, I did a Powerpoint presentation about our C.A.R.E. ministry. We had a great time in the Lord. For some reason, I love being with the Lord’s people. They are just all kinds of fun.

Yesterday was fifth Sunday. Thus, we observed the Lord’s Supper in our AM service. That is always a special time for me, and for many in our church. We had an unusually large number of visitors yesterday. I wonder where they came from? I am glad they did. Maybe they will come back. Last night the Hayes Family was with us. We gave them the entire worship service. I enjoyed their ministry, but missed preaching. Singings are OK, but not something I would dod on a regular basis. Once a year? Maybe! Of course, I have been at Calvary for 5.5 years and this is the first one we have had. That tell you anything?

I will begin a tent meeting tonight in Vilas, NC, which is located above Boone. Pray for the meeting and pray for my allergies. It should be a fun week, but a hard one at the same time. The meeting is sponsored by Willowdale Baptist Church in Vilas. The Pastor is Brother Eugene Braswell.

I am going to a funeral today at 1:00 PM. Brother Jimmy Lambert went home to glory on Friday evening. Brother Lambert was 99 years old. He preached for us at Calvary just a few weeks ago. He seemed to be in good health at the time, but I guess it doesn’t take a lot to undermine everything when you are that age. Brother Jimmy had a great ministry in our area and he was a blessing. Pray for his family.

Our oldest child, Nikki, turns 27 today. Man that’s old! Have a Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you and I am proud of the Christian, woman, mother, wife, friend, child, you have become. Have a great day.