Just A Reminder

Our 4th Annual Bible Conference is set to begin on Sunday. Evangelist Tom Hayes will be with for both Sunday services, as well as our evening services Monday-Wednesday. Pastor Stephen Dagenhart, from Calvary Baptist Church in Taylorsville, NC will be preaching Monday-Thursday evenings. Our preachers for the morning services include Pastors Rick Safriet, Scott Moneyham, Eric Snider, Jesse Carr, Chad Carswell, and others. Our music will be provided by the Calvary Baptist Choirs, the Trinity Baptist Church of Valdese, NC choir, Robin Calhoun, and Joshua and Caleb Lindsey. Our Sunday services are at 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Our morning services Monday-Thursday begin at 9:30 and our evening services will begin at 7:00. We will be serving lunch for all those in attendance after our morning services. So, that being said, please make your plans to attend this special time of meeting. If you come, you will hear some of God’s choice preachers open the Word of God and expound its truths. Please come if you can and pray either way. We are looking for a great move of God during these much needed days of meeting.



El Bethel

We had another great service last night at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly. The choir from Casey Creek Baptist Church in Chesnee, SC provided the music for the service. They did a great job. Brother Gary Adkins is the Pastor of Casey Creek. He is a great man of God. I would appreciate it if you would continue to pray for the meeting. I would love to see the Lord move in power for His glory during the meeting. Well, I’ve got to get busy preparing for this evening’s service.


El Bethel Baptist Assembly

I am preaching this week at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly in Spartanburg, SC. We had a great service last night. A group of young people from a church in the area, who go by the name Blood Bought, did an excellent job with the music. I preached from Matthew 17, and the Lord blessed His Word. The El Bethel Baptist Assembly is a camp meeting comprised of several local churches. It has been going on some 60 years. It is a wonderful meeting and well worth attending. The people are very open to the things of the Lord and the Pastors who are involved are good, godly men. I am looking forward to a great week in the Lord. Please help us pray for the meeting as we seek the Lord and His touch. Pray for also as we travel back and forth each day. It is a little over 100 miles each way, so I leave early and get in late. At any rate, please pray for the meeting!


From All Indications…

The meeting at Pleasant Hill Baptist in Vanntown, TN has been going well. I was unable to attend due to a bout with pneumonia, bronchitis and sinusitis. Thanks for asking, but I am doing much better. Still on the mend, but to the great chagrin of my enemies, I think I will live. So, while I haven’t preached for about 10 days, I am on track to fill the pulpit Sunday at Calvary. That being said, I want to remind you about the El Bethel Baptist Assembly in Spartanburg, SC. The meeting began this week with Pastor Landon Rice from Connelly Springs, NC. Next week, I am the guy who is scheduled to preach. If you can, come to the services and join us as we seek the Lord and His power in these days.


Thought I’d Stop By

I came home from the beach last Saturday and hit the ground running. I have to finalize preparations for Sunday, which was a great day, by the way. We had a huge case of the “ups and downs” Sunday. You know, it’s vacation times, so a great number of our people were up in the mountains or down at the seashore. Regardless, we had a good day in the Lord’s house. God honored His Word and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship after the evening service over a plate of hamburgers and hot dogs. Then came Monday! I woke up with a head and chest cold that refuses to go away. It has gotten progressively worse as the week has worn on, but hopefully I will get rid of this beast very soon.

If you are in the Vanntown, TN area next week, you should come out to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church for their Bible Conference. Their morning services are at !0:00 and he evening services are at 7:00. Brother Milton Martin is the Pastor and Brother Craig Clemons is his Associate. The Pleasant Hill choir will sing each night, and they are a true blessing to hear. Come if you can; pray either way. We need a move of God in these days and it might as well be there.