Life Lessons – Part 2

More important lessons I’ve learned.

7. The worst drivers are always other people.

8. Humanity has yet to devise a method of making yellow squash edible.

9. Bacon is the ultimate super food. It elevates everything it touches. For instance, a baked potato becomes an entrée when bacon arrives. What would a lettuce and tomato sandwich be with out bacon? An LT, that’s what! Who would eat that?

10. My old nature is a tremendous power for evil.

11. Elections, candidates, and Presidents come and go, but Jesus Christ is always on His throne, and He is always in control of everything. Everything!

12. Self-promotion is one of the surest paths to self-destruction. It’s in the Bible!

13. Not all preachers are, but they should be.


Life Lessons – Part 1

I have lived in this world 54 years. I have learned a few important lessons. I want to share a few of those lessons with you.

1. Legos can be used as a torture device. Don’t believe me? Scatter a few on the floor and then accidentally step on them, and you will see.

2. The words “seriously” and “really” should always be used properly. Seriously!

3. Squirrels like nuts. Who knew?

4. Pasteurized processed cheese food is not cheese. Since I support cheese rights, I refuse to eat food that belongs to cheese.

5. Men, your wife doesn’t want you to fix her problem. She wants just you to listen to her tell you how she feels.

6. Cats don’t have owners, they have staff.