Obviously Not Still In Key West :(

I have been home nearly two weeks now and have not taken the time to blog. The last two weeks were a blur of activity as we made the fuinal run up to Christmas. We had a good Christmas this year. I hope you did as well. My family gave me a Kindle this year. If you don’t know what a Kindle is, you can read all about it at amazon.com. Basically, it is an e-book reader that allows you to wirelessly download books from Amazon. Cool huh? Reading on the Kindle is nothing like trying to read from a computer screen or a PDA. It is actually like reading from a book. Anyway, I like it. A lot!

So, I just wanted to pop in a wish you all a belated Merry Christmas. I will go ahead and wish you a heppy New Year as well. And, since I am not known for blogging on a regualr basis, I will go ahead and wish you a Happy Resurrection Day (Easter) as well. But, I will try to get back to the keyboard before then.



Still In Key West…

And will be until Tuesday morning. It is 72 degrees today and it is an absolutely perfect day. We have been busy since we arrived, but we have also taken some time to rest. We did a lot of that yesterday as it rained most of the day. Anyway, we rented scooters, which is a great way to travel down here. So, we have been riding our “hogs” all over the island. We visited Fort Zachary Taylor, the Ernest Hemingway House, the Southern White House, the Key West Lighthouse, the Southernmost Point, the Key West Cemetery, and other landmarks on the island. Tonight, I take my wife on a private, sunset dinner cruise. Tomorrow, we will go the Dry Tortugas, which lie some 70 miles west of Key West. We will take a ferry to and from the islands. It is about a 2 hour ferry ride each way. We will visit Fort Jefferson and see the sights around the Dry Tortugas.

The only problem I have with vacation is that they have to end. Our days are growing short already, but we have truly enjoyed our time together. Key West is beautiful, historical and nice to visit, but there is much here that is disturbing. Lat night Joan and I sat on Duval Street and watched humanity stroll by. I was reminded in vivid scenes of ho depraved lost men is. I was remidned that it takes great grace, God’s grace, to save any one of us. I was reminded again how thankful I should be for the salvation I enjoy in Jesus Christ. I praise Him that He changed my life and saved my soul. Otherwise, I might have been involved in some of the things I have seen just this week. Praise God for grace!

Here are a couple of shots I took at Fort Zachary Taylor today.

View From Fort Zachary Taylor

The view from Fort Zachary Taylor

The view from Fort Zachary Taylor

Here are a couple of tombstones from the Key West Cemetery. This first is from a woman who was known around town as a hypochondriac. The second is just funny.

"I Told You I Was Sick"

"I'm Just Resting My Eyes"


Alan Carr

Greetings From Key West

I just thought I’d drop a line from the sunny shores of Key West. We had a good flight down and we are staying in a NICE hotel. The part we are in is brand new, the TV’s and telephones aren’t connected yet, so they knocked $50.00 per night off the bill! That makes it even nicer. It is new, clean and quiet. Anyway, the weather is beautiful. It is 80 degrees and clear today. The crowds are not too big, so getting around is not too difficult. Just thought I’d rub it in. Will post later if I have time.

Here are a few photos I thought you might enjoy.


Sunday Musings

The meeting at Beech Avenue Baptist in Gastonia, NC ended on a high note. The Lord met with us on Thursday evening in a great way. I appreciate everything the church did to make the meeting a succes. I appreciate Pastor Jeff Cook and his friendship. Most of all, I appreciate the Lord helping us and blessing us with His presence. He sure is good to us! 

Yesterday, we ordained Chad Carswell at Calvary. Brother Chad is our Associate Pastor and is a great blessing to the church. The Lord is using him at Calvary in a great way. Brother Chad works with our youth. He preaches the Word of God to them, and he spends time with them, which is an important component of his ministry to them. Brother Chad is also active in visiting other members of our church, such as the shut-ins and those who are sick and in the hospitals. it is a blessing to have someone available who can step in when I am out of town.

I am looking forward to meeting with God’s people this morning. We have the amazing opportunity to gather together in His house for worship. We will pray, praise, sing and preach and I am confident that He will meet with us, as he always does. Wherever you meet today I pray that He will meet with you there. Let’s determine in our hearts that we will worship Him and give Him the praise, honor and glory that He deserves.

Brother Alan

Good Meeting This Week

I am preaching this week in Gastonia, NC at Beech Avenue Baptist Church where Brother Jeff Cook is the Pastor. From my estimation, we have had a very good meeting. The Lord has blessed the singing and the preaching and I praise Him for His grace and His presence in the services. Lord willing, we will finish up this evening. Pray for the meeting as we gather once again to worship our Redeemer. Please remember Brother Jeff and Beech Avenue Baptist. Brother Jeff is a fine man of God. He loves Jesus and is a very good preacher. There is a good spirit in the church and I am confident that the Lord will bless them in the days ahead. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for me and for this ministry.

Brother Alan