Glorious Service Last Night

We started our meeting at Pleasant Hill Baptist in Conway, SC. The Lord showed up in a powerful way. I preached from 2 Samuel 9 about the grace of God in salvation, using the story of David and Mephibosheth as the canvas. The Lord honored His Word. It was such a blessing to be in a service where the power of God was in such evidence. Please pray for the rest of the meeting. When you begin on such a high note, sometimes it is hard to get there again. Of course, that is in the Lord’s hand and I trust He will continue to meet with us as we seek Him for revival.



Meeting At Rustic Hills Baptist Church

I am preaching through Wednesday at Rustic Hills Baptist Church in Bessemer City, NC. Jason Dowdell is the Pastor. The meeting went well last night, and we are looking for another good service tonight. The meeting at Rustic Hill will continue through Thursday. Pastor Scott Moneyham, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Drexel, NC will preach the Thursday service. Come if you can; pray either way.

Next week, Monday-Thursday, I will be with the good people at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Conway, SC. The pastor is brother Mack Hutson. Again, please pray for the meeting.

If you are a WordSearch Bible software user keep you ears open. Sometime in April WordSearch will release The Sermon Notebook as a module for WordSearch. If you are on their mailing list, you will receive the notification. If not, I will post the info here. Please pray for us as this exciting adventure comes to pass.

God bless you my friend!


Jubilee In LaGrange, GA

I am in LaGrange, GA for the annual Jubilee at Living Waters Baptist Church, where Richard Clinard is the Pastor. The service last night was great! Brother Stacey Lane, Pastor of Solid Rock Baptist Church in Morganton preached. I preached after he did. The Lord moved in the service and helped us with His Word. The meeting continues through Saturday. Please pray for the meeting, and if you are in the LaGrange area, stop in. they will put out a chair for you.