Meeting At Montford Cove Baptist

We are having a great meeting with the folk at Montford Cove Baptist Church. The Lord is meeting with us in a special way, and I am thankful. Please continue to pray for the meeting. Lord willing, we will go through Friday evening. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness in meeting with His people in worship. It is a blessing to be where He is moving. It is an honor to experience His presence in such a real way. In spite of the trials, in spite of the difficulties, it is a joy to serve the Lord. He is gracious, good and wonderful, and the thought that He would allow the likes of me to serve Him is more glorious than I can say. It is good to be saved and serving the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise His name!



Great Day Yesterday

I praise the Lord for His faithfulness. He met with us yesterday at Calvary Baptist in a great way. He blessed in the morning service through a manifestation of His presence and power. He saved two precious souls; one in the service and one after. Praise His name! I cannot comment on all the Lord is doing for us at Calvary, because I do not fully understand it all, but I can say that He is working! His presence is real and He is drawing sinners to Jesus Christ for His glory. I praise Him for that.

Last night, one of our young men, who was just yesterday voted in as Associate Pastor for a local church, preached. He did a great job. It will be hard to see him and his wife go, but the Lord is using them and we are grateful for that.

We had a great week of meeting last week in Chesnee, SC with Brother Gary Adkins and the folks at Casey Creek Baptist Church. The Lord blessed every night. It was a blessing to be in His presence! Remember Brother Adkins in your prayers. He is still recovering from open heart surgery. The Lord is blessing him and he is doing well. He is a precious man of God and I am grateful for his friendship in the Lord.

This week I will be at Montford Cove Baptist Church south of Marion, NC. The Pastor is brother Jerry Campbell. Please pray for the meeting this week.


Thought I’d Say Something

It’s been a while since I took the time to blog. There are various reasons for the break, but none that are worth sharing. Suffice it to say that God is good and He is blessing in His Own unique way.

I am preaching this week at Casey Creek Baptist Church in Chesnee, SC. The Pastor is Brother Gary Adkins. Thus far, the meeting has been going well. The attendance is good, and there is a good spirit in the house of the Lord. Brother Gary is a precious man of God and I am enjoying the time we are spending together in meeting this week. Please pray for the remainder of the meeting.

Well, I did it. I said something! May say more later.