Is It Sunday Already?

Thank God it is! I love the Lord’s Day. What a privilege is ours to be able to get up, get ready and to get out to the House of the Lord. I look forward to worshiping my Redeemer this Lord’s Day.

Well, the meeting at Magnolia Baptist in Crossett, AR ended well. The Lord met with us throughout the week. I appreciate His faithfulness. The Lord also gave great traveling grace as we made our way home on Friday. It is roughly 800 miles from our front door to Magnolia Baptist, but we made the trip to and from Arkansas without incident, other than some fatigue. It’s good to be home.

Anyway, I pray that you will have a blessed day in the church where you worship. Be sure to give the Lord that praise, adoration and attention He deserves.



Thank God For His Presence

Once again, the Lord demonstrated His presence among His people. The service at Magnolia Baptist was such a blessing last night. The Lord helped us in a great way. He blessed His Word as it was preached, and He honored it by speaking to hearts in the invitation time as the people moved to bow before Him in love, thanksgiving and adoration. It amazes me how the Lord can take sinners like us, save us by His grace, bless us in so many ways, and then still have a desire to manifest Himself to us when we gather in His house. What a great and gracious God we serve. Please pray for the meeting as it continues this week.


Hello From Crossett, Ar

After a long and epic journey, Joan and I arrived in Crossett, Ar yesterday for the meeting at Magnolia Baptist Church. We had a good trip. It was safe and relatively quick considering the fact that we drove 800 miles. Anyway, the meeting got underway last night, and we had a good service. I preached from Mark 2 about the need for getting a handle on the flesh. It was well received. The folk at Magnolia Baptist are good, down to earth folks. They are friendly, welcoming and seem to truly love the Lord. The Pastor, Mike Griffith, is a wonderful Brother in Jesus. He understands, embraces and preaches grace, and that makes him a true Brother in the battle. Please pray for the meeting. It will continue through Thursday evening. Joan and I will head home on Friday.

Very often in these meetings I am privileged to meet people that visit The Sermon Notebook. They will hear about our being in their area and they will come in for the meeting. Last night, I got to meet A.P. Owens. Brother Owens lives near Bastrop, LA and he came all the way to Crossett to attend the service. What an honor it is to meet these precious people along the path of life. Pray for Brother Owens and his church. His Pastor’s wife is battling leukemia. That family and the church is in dire need of prayer.

On a side note, when we left North Carolina, it was very warm, but there was no humidity. The farther South we drove the more humid it became. Yesterday, here in southern Arkansas, it was over 100 degrees and very humid. Pray for these folks. They are in the midst of a long drought and they need some relief in the form of rain. I noticed it was that way all across Mississippi and Arkansas. Also pray for them on this coming Saturday. Their Razorbacks face the Crimson Tide from Alabama. I am sure their will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth when the Tide rolls in and over the Hogs in Fayetteville. Oh well, thems the breaks, as they say.


A Quick Friday Update

I have been staying away from the old blog for various reasons. I just thought I would stop by for a moment today to let everyone know that I was still alive and well. The Lord has been blessing at Calvary lately. I appreciate how He works among His people and in His church. I am looking for Him to do some great things for us in the future.

Lord willing, Joan and I will leave for Arkansas Sunday evening. I will be with Brother Michael Griffith and the good folks at Magnolia Baptist Church in Crossett, AR. If you are in the area, please come by and worship with us. I would ask that all of you pray for the meeting.

Aren’t you grateful for true friends? I am talking about the friend that contacts you out of the blue just to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. Where would we be without people like that? There are many people around us who can do little but criticize. Thank God for the ones who are like a cool drink of water on a hot day. Thank God for those friends who, like the Holy Spirit, come alongside you to offer aid and comfort as we walk the path of life. To all my friends out there, and you know who you are, I love you and I thank God for you! Hallelujah!