I Was Just Thinking

I haven’t blogged in a while, but here is what I have been doing. I preached in Spartanburg, SC last week at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly. I was a very good meeting. The meeting was well attended. The singing was great. The fellowship was wonderful. The preaching, well, it was me, what can I say? I am never satisfied with my delivery or content. At any rate, they enjoyed the preaching and I enjoyed preaching the preaching. Lots of people seemed to get some spiritual help in the meeting. So, we will leave the actual results in the hands of the Lord.

It’s too bad that many churches and church people seem to have so little desire for campmeeting, revival and other special meetings these days. What a great thing it is to gather together with the people of God for singing, preaching and corporate prayer and worship. In our day people seem too busy and too disinterested in old-fashioned meetings. If the trend continues, I will be surprised if revivals, campmeetings and Bible conferences suvive the apathy that has gripped the heart of the modern church. As for me, I will keep preaching meetings as long as God opens the doors, and I will continue to attend meetings as long as preacher keep planning them. I, for one, happen to enjoy old-fashioned meeting!

That’s what I was thinking about this morning. I have cleared my calendar today. I plan to spend the day at home with my dear wife and our grandson. Their here, so I’ve got to go.



Snowy Morning

So, we had a minor snowfall last night. It didn’t amount ot much, but it is here nonetheless. We drove in last night and there were a few spots where the roads were covered with snow , slush and ice, but mostly, they were clear. If you are a student at West Lenoir Baptist Schiool of Ministry, there wil be school today! Be careful, because there will be some slick spots here and there, but we will have school for those who can make it in.

Now, I started meeting last night at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly in Spartanburg, SC. This meeting has been going on since around 1949 or 1950. We had a great service last night. The Lord met with us in a great way and spoke to hearts. I appreciate His presence and His blessings, don’t you? Please pray for the meeting. Ask the Lord to have His way in the services. We need Him, His power and hIs touch in these days. Got to go now and get ready to teach my classes.

Alan Carr

What’s Up?

A lot, it seems. Things are getting kind of hectic in my life these days. But, that seems to be situation normal. Anyway, I would like you to pray for Brother Hughes Kincaid. Brother Kincaid is 91 years old, and he is getting ready to cross over into glory. Brother Kincaid was saved in 1946 and has been preaching the Gospel ever since. He pastored several churches in our area, and enjoyed great success as a pastor. The Lord blessed his life and has used him in many wonderful ways. Brother Kincaid is one of the greatest prayer warriors I have ever met. He loves the Lord, he loves to talk to the Lord and he loves to pray for people and their needs. His greatest burden, however, is the souls of lost people. He has always been faithful to share the Gospel and he has been used of the Lord to lead many people to faith in Christ. Brother Kincaid is at our local Hospice now, just a short time from going home to glory. Pray for Hughes Kincaid and his family. Heaven’s gain is about to be earth’s loss.

The annual Jubilee begins tonight at Hibriten Baptist Church here in Lenoir. Please pray for the meeting, for Pastor Douglas Cox as he leads the meeting, and for this preacher as he tries to preach the meeting. I am looking forward to it, but I do not feel prepared physically or spiritually. God knows about those things and He is more than sufficient to overcome my inadequacies. This meeting begins tonight and continues through Thursday. Then, on Friday, I will preaching at River Valley Baptist in Morganton, where Brother Kenneth Shew is Pastor. Brother Jobie Borders, the Pastor of Blairs Fork Baptist in Lenoir, and I will be preaching there. Please pray for the service.

Well, it’s time to go teach my class at the Bible College. Then, I will make a couple of visits before returning home to prepare for the meeting tonight. God bless you folks and thanks for stopping by our humble corner of the Internet.

Alan Carr

Welcome To 2009

So, I am a few days behind. That is the story of my life these last few years. I am up on this Monday morning, about to head off to teach my class at the Bible college. I thought I would stop by to thank the Lord for His blessings, His grace and His goodness over the past year. I have been blessed and I am grateful to Him for those blessings. If I were to try and list all the blessings I have received from His gracious hand, I would leave far too many out. So, I will thank him for saving, keeping, sustaining grace, for my family, for the Bible, for the Holy Spirit, for the church I try to Pastor, and for calling me to preach His precious Word. God is so good and I praise Him for it!

We had a good day yesterday at Calvary. I preached in the morning service from Ruth 1:1-7 on the dangers of going to Moab. I was strongly impressed to preach that particular sermon and the Lord honored it. Last night we came back to His house and experienced a manifestation of His presence. There was no sermonizing from the pulpit, but there was plenty of preaching in the testimonies of the precious saints of God. I praise His name for His willingness to bless people like us! 

Well, I had better go for time is fleeing away. I hope your week runs well!

Alan Carr