Praise The Lord For His Power!

We met for our Sunday morning worship this morning but it was not business as usual. The Lord manifested Himself in a great way this morning. We had a great crowd in attendance, and as the choir sang, people began to use the altar. Many people came before the Lord for help, and some seven people came for salvation! Praise the name of the Lord! One after the other they came and gave their hearts to the Lord. There was no preaching, just the glorious power of the Almighty saving souls and changing lives. Then, at the close of the service, 13 people came forward to unite with our church. It was a great morning. We do not deserve such blessings as that, but He gives them and I am thankful for it. Pray for us. There are many more that need to be saved.

Alan Carr


One comment on “Praise The Lord For His Power!

  1. jeffhcook says:

    Praise the Lord!!! It is a great blessing to hear of such a Holy Ghost filled Worship Service! I am so glad that God still saves sinners and adds to His Church as He sees fit.
    Bro. Carr, You are a great blessing to me and I appreciate you and your ministry very much!

    Bro. Jeff

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