Good Wednesday To You

This week has been exceedingly busy, as usual. Some of our sick folks are improving, and that is a blessing. One of our precious ladies was promoted to glory on Sunday, and that is a blessing as well. She had suffered for a long time with Alzheimer’s and complications from a broken hip. Her funeral is today at 2:00 PM. I want to do well for the Lord’s sake and for her family’s too. Please remember her family. They are special people.

We have moved our Wednesday evening service to West Lenoir Baptist Church to get in on their annual Bible Conference. It is going well, and it continues through tomorrow evening. If you are in this area, please try to come. The morning services begin at 9:00 AM and the evening services take up at 7:00 PM. Lord willing, our folks will be there this evening.

Well, my pastoral duties call me away from the keyboard this morning. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for stopping by The Sermon Notebook from time to time.

Alan Carr


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