Long, Busy Week Leaves Little Time To Post

As I mentioned in my last post, I was sick on Sunday and unable to attend church or preach. I was better enough by Monday evening to begin the revival meeting at Belview Baptist Church in Cranberry, NC. The first two nights were especially tough because my voice was not completely better. I was preaching on two cylinders. At any rate, the Lord blessed us in our week up there, and the Pastor, Brother Douglas Bare, has asked me to come back for five more evenings of preaching. So, pray for the services this week and ask the Lord to move among us in power to the reviving of His saints and to the salvation of sinners for His glory.

Preacher, not every sermon you preach is going to be a blessing to those who hear you. Not everything you say will be received as the oracles of the Lord. Sometimes your words will offend people who are not interested in following the Lord with their whole hearts. Let me encourage you to preach the truth in love and let the chips fall where they may. As long as you are in the Word, preach it Brother and stand your ground for that which is right in these days. By the same token, not every member of your church is going to like it when the Lord starts blessing and growing His church. There will always be a few who liked it “the way it used to be”. Let them hold to the past if they will. Preacher, you just keep preaching the Book. the Blood and the Blessed hope. Leave the addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of the church in the hands of the Lord. He alone is able to grow His church. Preacher, just keep on preaching!

Have a blessed day in the Lord’s house tomorrow!

Alan Carr


One comment on “Long, Busy Week Leaves Little Time To Post

  1. caseydeese says:

    I am a member of Belview Baptist Church. I very much enjoyed the 2 week revival you preached at our church in march. It was very alive and refreshing. I oft find myself recalling points from your passages and sermons that relate to my everyday life. The Holy Spirit touched and spoke in many ways to many people those 2 weeks at Belview. I have read your comments on those two weeks over several times and I must say, the words you spoke to Brother Bare were most encouraging and such a blessing. Obviously, by the comments you posted, he had spoken with you about some things that have been burdoning his heart. Pastor Bare had in the past few weeks, to leave Belview Baptist Church. All of the members there are very saddend by this and we are just trying to figure out why. While it is on my mind very often, I go back to your comments on the revival and read the words you said to the pastor and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that so much, it reminds me of the hardships that Brother Bare battled with and assures me of his faith and his love for Belview. I know that Pastor doug had so may heartaches and sleepless nights for the cause of Belview Baptist Church. I feel like God has opened doors for him, maybe to persue further things and to relieve some burdons from his shoulders so he can move forward for the glory of Christ. As much as he may be struggling with it as well as myself and most other members of the church, I’m trying to keep in mind that God has a plan for everyone. I’m certain that your words would be such an encouragement to him, if he has’nt already read them. Thanks again and God bless.

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