Praise God For Answered Prayers

As usual, we have had some people sick and in the hospital this week. One of our dear ladies was in very serious condition on Monday evening. She was put into ICU and the docs got pretty aggressive with her treatment. I am pleased to report that the lord touched her and she is doing much better today. Praise the Lord. I am grateful to God that He hears and answers the petitions of His people. Of course, that is His promise, Jer. 33:3; Matt. 7:7-11. God is good to His people!

One of the major problems on battlefields down through the generations has been battlefield communications. Soldiers in the field have had a difficult time communicating with the commanders behind the lines. In our modern age, with cell and satellite communications, most of those problems have been solved. When God fielded His army, the church, He did not leave us here without a means of communication. He gave us the tool of prayer. Through prayer we can speak with Him any place, any time and for any reason. I am grateful for the privilege of prayer. I would recommend that we utilize it more often than we do. In fact, I think I will get off here and go talk to Him.

Have a great meeting tonight!

Alan Carr


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