Praise His Name

The Lord gave a us a great day in His house on Sunday. I have been preaching through the book of Mark for about 18 months now. I was in chapter 11 this week, preach about our Lord’s Triumphant entry in to Jerusalem. As you know, Jesus made this journey on the back of a donkey, in fulfillment of Zachariah’s prophecy, Zach. 9:9. As I was preaching, I began to think about that donkey and kind of got hung up there Sunday morning. I came back on Sunday evening and finished the message. The Lord moved in power in both services.

Anyway, I want to share a thought with you about that donkey. There are three truths about him that make him special and that allowed him to be used of the Lord.

That Donkey Had To Be RedeemedEx. 13:13; 34:20. That little donkey was alive and useful to the Lord because it had been redeemed by the blood of a lamb. Praise God that is why I have life today. That is the only reason you and I have any usefulness to the Lord today. Praise God for the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus

That Donkey Had To Be Released – Mark 11:2 – It was bound and had to be set free before the Lord could use it. Before you and I can be of any use to Him, the chains of our sins are going to have to be broken and we are going to have to be set free. I praise His Name that is just what He does for His saints, Rom. 6:14; John 8:36.

That Donkey Had To Be Ruled – Mark 11:2 – Someone had to take charge over that donkey. Verse 2 tells us that the donkey had never been broken to ride. Yet, it submitted itself to the Lord Jesus and yielded to His control. That donkey wasn’t frightened by the crowds or by their noise. It surrendered itself to the Lord totally. That is what He expects of us! He is looking for total submission and total surrender, Rom. 12:1-2.

I just thought I would share that with you today. It isn’t so bad being a donkey if the Lord can use us and get glory to His Name. Hallelujah!

Alan Carr


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