No Excuses

I am back at the keyboard after a two week absence. I make no excuses for not blogging, I simply havn’t had the time. Anyway, I wanted to bring you up to date on what’s been going on in my world.

We got back from Little Rock, Ar two weeks ago after a great meeting there. We came home to many need among our people. So, I spent several days visiting and checking on folks who were in need of some ministry.

I am in Perry, FL today as I write this note. I am preaching at Friendship Baptist Church where Brother Ed Taylor is the Pastor. I would appreciate your prayers today as I am sick with a chest cold and can barely speak today. I am not sure that preaching is in my future today. The Lord knows!

This past weekend we had a great meeting at Calvary. Our Youth Pastor, Brother Chad Carswell, planned a three day youth meeting featuring Brother Jason Payne from Temple Baptist in Stony Point, NC. Brother Jason preached each night and truly had a touch of God on his life and preaching. The services Thursday and Friday were good, but Saturday evening was amazing! We had some 300+ youth in attendance. It was a great blessing to see them weeping, shouting, singing and worshiping God together. I praise the Lord that some young people were exposed to old-fashioned worship in that service. I was a good opportunity for them to see that you do not need comtemporary music, rock bands and other foolish concessions to the world. It was an opportunity for them to see the Lord work in power and glory. I am glad they were there. I am glad that I was there!

We came back to Calvary on Sunday and the Lord met with us in a great way again! The youth choir sang and the glory fell on the service. Praise His name!

Anyway, please remmeber this preacher in your prayers today. I would also ask that you remember Norman and Earlene Tester. Brother Norman has been in the hospital for over eight weeks. Most of that time in intensive care. The doctors told his family yesterday that he has cancer in several places in his body. The doctors said that he has about three months at best. Pray for this man and his family. They need God to do something great for them. I trust that He will!

God bless!



One comment on “No Excuses

  1. jeffhcook says:

    Bro. Carr,

    I really enjoyed the Youth Revival Saturday night, it was a great blessing.
    I hope you feel better and I am praying for you!
    I love you Brother.


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