Campmeeting in Morganton, NC

I have been preaching this week at the Old Paths Campmeeting in Morganton, NC. The meeting is sponsored by several local churches in the Burke County area. The meeting has been a blessing to me. I have enjoyed tremendous liberty to preach every night and there has been some movement at the ernd of each service. While I appreciate that, I have learned over the years not to try and gage the effectiveness of my preaching by how many people come forward during the invitation. The true measure of the success of our sermons will be revealed by changed lives, not by the number of people in our altars. Anyway, the meeting ends this evening, but it has been a blessing.

We have two men at Calvary Baptist who stand in need of prayer today. Both of these men are saved and looking for a spot to cross over into eternity. Pray for Jack Richardson and Norman Tester. Both of these men are getting closer to eternity by the hour. Pray for their families. This is n;t the outcome either family wanted or prayed for, but both families are walking with the faith in the God Who makes no mistakes.

Thank you for all the kind comments about my preaching blog the other day. I am committed to biblical exposition. I hope you are! I hope to write more about that in the coming days. God bless.



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