No, I Am Not Dead—Yet!

I received an E-mail yesterday from a reader who wanted to now whether or not I, the preacher, was dead. I am happy to report that the rumors of my demise are all wrong. I am still here, I just haven’t been posting lately. The main reason is that I have had nothing worthwhile to say it seems. Blogging is a strange activity. Some people are content to post links to what others have said. Others seem to do a lot of copy and paste work in what they call their blog. Me, I would rather ramble on about nothing in general. Sometimes I have written about the things I am doing and the places I visit. other times, I say a word or two about preaching. Lately, I haven’t had much to say and less time to say it. I suppose that my energies have been so focused on the meetings I have been preaching, the needs of my family, the constant duties of the church and the recent sickneses and deaths of some precious people in our church. In other words, my mind has been elsewhere it seems.

So, this week i am preaching at Brown Mountain Baptist Church, which is located above Morganton, NC. The Pastor is Johnny Shelton. The first two nights of our meeting have been very good indeed. The Lord has given great liberty to preach His Word and the people have responded well during the invitation. In fact, every person in the church was in the altar on Monday and all but three or four were last night. I am anticipating a good service this evening as well.

So, thanks for checking up on me, and thank you to the reader who was concerned about my passing. I do desire your prayers and I do appreciate you visiting our humble web site. Tale care!

Alan Carr


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