Sunday Musings

The meeting at Beech Avenue Baptist in Gastonia, NC ended on a high note. The Lord met with us on Thursday evening in a great way. I appreciate everything the church did to make the meeting a succes. I appreciate Pastor Jeff Cook and his friendship. Most of all, I appreciate the Lord helping us and blessing us with His presence. He sure is good to us! 

Yesterday, we ordained Chad Carswell at Calvary. Brother Chad is our Associate Pastor and is a great blessing to the church. The Lord is using him at Calvary in a great way. Brother Chad works with our youth. He preaches the Word of God to them, and he spends time with them, which is an important component of his ministry to them. Brother Chad is also active in visiting other members of our church, such as the shut-ins and those who are sick and in the hospitals. it is a blessing to have someone available who can step in when I am out of town.

I am looking forward to meeting with God’s people this morning. We have the amazing opportunity to gather together in His house for worship. We will pray, praise, sing and preach and I am confident that He will meet with us, as he always does. Wherever you meet today I pray that He will meet with you there. Let’s determine in our hearts that we will worship Him and give Him the praise, honor and glory that He deserves.

Brother Alan


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