Welcome To 2009

So, I am a few days behind. That is the story of my life these last few years. I am up on this Monday morning, about to head off to teach my class at the Bible college. I thought I would stop by to thank the Lord for His blessings, His grace and His goodness over the past year. I have been blessed and I am grateful to Him for those blessings. If I were to try and list all the blessings I have received from His gracious hand, I would leave far too many out. So, I will thank him for saving, keeping, sustaining grace, for my family, for the Bible, for the Holy Spirit, for the church I try to Pastor, and for calling me to preach His precious Word. God is so good and I praise Him for it!

We had a good day yesterday at Calvary. I preached in the morning service from Ruth 1:1-7 on the dangers of going to Moab. I was strongly impressed to preach that particular sermon and the Lord honored it. Last night we came back to His house and experienced a manifestation of His presence. There was no sermonizing from the pulpit, but there was plenty of preaching in the testimonies of the precious saints of God. I praise His name for His willingness to bless people like us! 

Well, I had better go for time is fleeing away. I hope your week runs well!

Alan Carr


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