Another Good Night Of Meeting

The meeting at Eastwood Baptist in Marietta, GA is still going very well. The Lord met with us last night and blessed us with a great service. The singing was good and I had great liberty to preach the Word. The Lord blessed in the invitation with many responding to seek the Lord’s help in their lives. I preached from Galatians 5:16-25 about living a Spirit-filled life. God used the preaching and I am grateful. Lord willing, we will be heading back that way this evening for the final service of the meeting. Please pray for Pastor Mike Hatton and the folks at Eastwood. They are an active church with many great ministries. They are doing what they can to reach their community for Jesus Christ.

In the morning Joan and I will head back home. I look forward to getting there. Since this Sunday is youth Sunday, I won’t be preaching at Calvary. I am not sure that I like that too much, but our folks probably need a break. Anyway, Brother Tanner Munday from Taylorsville, NC will be preaching in the morning service. Brother Tanner is 18. Brother Jimmy Lambert from Morganton, NC will be preaching in the evening service. Brother Lambert is 98. It will be a day of contrasts and similarities. The contrast will be apparent in the age difference of these two preachers. The similarities will be found in their preaching styles. Both of these preachers are fireball preachers. Just the kind we like at Calvary. Pray for our big day.

Pastor Hatton is coming for us at 2:00 PM today. We are going to Roswell, GA to eat at Dreamland BBQ. Oh yeah!!!! Man, I love their ribs! If you ever find your self near one of their restaurants, and you like good BBQ, do self a favor and take him in for a bite. Neither of you will not be disappointed!




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