A Father’s Glory

One of the greatest joys of my life has been watching my children grow stronger in the Lord. Nikki and Jesse grew up in our home and we had the responsibility to model faith before them and to teach them the things of the Lord. I can honestly say that I felt there were more failures than successes. As I watch them mature in the Lord, I stand amazed at the Lord’s work in their lives. In spite of my failures as a father, I am proud of the adults my children have become.

I am watching my daughter Nikki and her husband Chad face the struggles that are coming against them right now, and I am proud of the faith, resolve and courage I see in their lives. I am not sure that I would handle things as well as they are. I see the hand of God on them and I praise His name.

I watch my son Jesse and his wife Amy as they face the pressures of leading a Baptist church and I am amazed at what I see the Lord doing through them. I am watching them mature in grace and I am grateful to the Lord. I listen to Jesse preach and it boggles my mind. He has as much ability as any preacher I have ever heard. His messages are filled with great content and his delivery is smooth and powerful. God has His hand on Jesse’s life.

I am proud of my children, all four of them. I am a blessed father, and I am grateful to God that my children turned out pretty good in spite of everything I did (unintentionally) to mess them up. Nikki, Chad, Jesse and Amy: I love you guys and I am proud of each one of you.



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