Memorial Day

I think we should all take some time over this Memorial Day weekend to reflect on what we have because of the sacrifice of others. I appreciate all the men and women who have worn, and still wear, the uniform of our nation. I appreciate all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice that I might have the freedoms I enjoy today. I do not takes their many sacrifices lightly. So, to all veterans and families of veterans, especially those who lost loved ones on the field of battle, I say thank you! Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for giving your all so that our nation might remain free. Thank you for giving so that I could go to church yesterday and preach whatever the Lord placed on my heart. Thank you for ensuring that I would have the privilege to raise a family, own a home, take a vacation, live where I want, do the things I want to do, and enjoy life. Thank you for giving your all so that I might be free.

Well, we had a great day yesterday at Calvary. We had great crowds in both services and the presence of the Lord was very real. I praise Him for my church family. We are blessed at Calvary to have some of the finest people I have ever had the privilege of worshiping with. I appreciate our Deacons. I appreciate our Sunday School teachers. I appreciate the janitors. I appreciate our Youth Pastor and his family. I appreciate the good brother who comes out to check on all the false alarms from our security system (Thanks Brother Scott!). I appreciate the parents who bring their children to Sunday School, preaching and youth meeting. I appreciate our music director and our musicians. I appreciate the people who pray for me. I appreciate all the fine folks I get to greet every Lord’s day at Calvary. God bless you good folks! It is a great honor to be called your Pastor. Thank you for putting up with me! I love you and I thank God He has put us together for these exciting days of ministry.

I am preaching at Mount Hebron Baptist Church in Connelly Springs, NC this week. The Pastor is Brother Eric James. Please pray for the meeting and join us in worship, if you can.


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