Excellent Meeting Last Night

The service at Mount Hebron Baptist Church was great last night. The Lord blessed the meeting in giving great liberty to preach, a good spirit in the service and a great response at the end. It was a Wednesday evening, which means that it is usually just church folks. They had a packed house. On a Wednesday! I was amazed, and impressed! I praise the Lord for good services in His house. Keep praying for the meeting. Lord willing, we will finish out tonight. Next week, I will be preaching a tent meeting above Boone, NC.

I don’t have a lot on tap today. I am at my office at church right now, waiting on a pastor friend and a missionary from the Philippines. The missionary brother has some computer issues and he seems to think I can be of help in that area. I will try! Then, I have a couple of hospital visits to make. After that, it is time to study and get ready for tonight’s service. Just another day in the life! As an old preacher named Jim Price used to day, “Men, I wouldn’t trade places with any of you!” Amen to that!


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