Tents Are Out; Churches Are In

Well it rained in the mountains yesterday. Apparently, it was what the mountain folk call “A frog strangler.” At any rate, the rain deposioted about 50 gallons of water on top of the tent in each of the four corners. This rendered said tent unsafe for human habitation and for preachments. So, we moved the show to the auditorium of Willowdale Baptist Church. It was a good meeting, in a good air condioned building. So much for the good old days. Whenever that was. Tonight, we will be back under the tent, weather permitting. All jesting aside, the meeting is going very well and I praise the Lord for that. It has to be Him, because I haven’t had a clue what I was preaching until I arrived each night, and He has blessed His Word each day. Keep praying for us as we meet to seek the Lord for revival.


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