Sorry For My Absence

I just realized that it’s been four days since I posted to this here blog. Joan and I came back home from Beech Mountain on Wednesday and got right back into the swing of things. In other words, it was busy-ness as usual. We did have a great service on Wednesday evening, I preached from Hebrews 11 on The Testimony Of Biblical Faith. The Lord let me get in the glory for a few minutes, and I appreciate that! We had a good crowd in spite of torrential rains and the fact that our county’s three high schools all had graduation Wednesday evening. Thursday was a whirlwind of activity to. I went to the hospital and met with a Pastor friend to talk about some issues he is facing. After that, I can’t seem to remember much. Friday was spent studying for Sunday and meeting with a man at church. Friday night we went to the funeral home and out to eat. Clayton, our wonderful grandson, spent the night with us last night. I woke up this morning unable to speak above a whisper. My voice has come back to some degree, but this cold has me in its grip. I am hoping that I can preach tomorrow at Calvary. I have a meeting to preach next week, and Monday evening I am scheduled to open to Caldwell County Commissioners meeting with prayer. Anyway, that’s all I got today.


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