Another Meeting Over

I finished the prophecy conference at River Valley Baptist Church in Morganton, NC tonight. All in all, it was a good meeting, though I did feel that my preaching was subpar tonight. I am not a prophecy buff, but the Pastor wanted his people to learn more about the end times, so he asked me to preach on that theme. I honored his desire and the Lord truly blessed the meeting. Next week, I will have the last four nights of the Burke COunty Campmeeting also in Morganton, NC. Please remember that meting, which is already underway this week, in your prayers.

It is quiet at the Carr household this evening. My precious wife has taken our daughter and grandson to Pigeon Forge for a mini vacation. I miss her when she is away, or when I am away. After nearly three decades of marriage, I am used to having her around. I have been blessed with a special woman. She loves me unconditionally, and she is one of God’s greatest gifts to me. I miss you honey! Lord willing, she will be home on Saturday evening.

Well, it’s time for bed right now. I am weary from preaching and from battling a chest cold I have had for some 10 days now. Praise the Lord!

Several people have asked me about my daughter Nikki and her baby Johanna. She went to the doctor today and Johanna has a strong heartbeat. They measured it at 149. For more information, please visit Nikki’s blog here. Thank you for your prayers for Nikki, Chad, Johanna and Clayton.


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