Just A Note

I wanted to drop by today to remind you good folks to pray for Brother Milton Martin. Brother Milton is the Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Vanntown, TN. Brother Milton will have heart valve replacement surgery Monday (07-13-09) morning in Nashville, TN. Please pray for Brother Milton, his wife Barbara, their daughters Lois and Carrie, as well as the church. Brother Milton has a great Associate Pastor in Brother Craig Clemons, so the church will still be in good hands. I would appreciate it if you would keep this special man of God in your prayers. Lord willing, I will be at Pleasant Hill Baptist next week for their annual Bible conference. Brother Craig will moderate the meeting. Pray about the meeting as well. I am expecting the Lord to do some great things for us during those days of meeting. I am not sure who all will be there. I know that Brother Doug Bearden and I will be doing the night preaching. I am sure there will be a number of great preachers there in the AM services. Pray for the meeting and come if you can! God bless.


One comment on “Just A Note

  1. Scott Honea says:

    I look forward to seeing you again at Pleasant Hill. We may try to bring our youth group one night. You are correct, Bro. Craig is a wonderful man of God. They are blessed to have Bro. Milton and Bro. Craig.

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