The Meeting IS Still Going On..

but it is winding down fast. Today is the last day of Bible Conference here at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Vanntown, TN. In the 10:00 AM service, Brothers Ronnie Galloway, David Clemons and Bob Weldon will preach. Brother Doug Bearden will preach the final message of the meeting tonight. It has been a good week with the Lord helping His people for His glory.

I was thinking about some of the friends I have made while I have travelled from place to place. Some of them I do not get to see for w whole year at a time, but when we meet, we pick up where we left off. It’s as if we had never been apart. That’s the kind of people I like to associate with. Not too needy, not too clingy, just steady. Thank God for real friends.

Please continue to pray for Brother Milton Martin. He is doing well and is now out of the critical care unit. Please pray for him and his recovery, Remember his family as well. These are hard days for them all.

Lord willing, we will head back to North Carolina tomorrow. I miss my bed!



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