Home Again

We arrived home from our whirlwind tour of Wyoming and Idaho last night about 6:00 PM. We had the best kind of travel yesterday: uneventful. I thank the Lord for working through events in ways that I can still not understamd. I am simply grateful that I serve a God of sovereign power and control. We had a great week, filled with amazing sights and wonderful fellowship, but I am glad to be home and I am looking forward to going to church at Calvary tomorrow. Seeing spiritual conditions in the west has made me more appreciatinve of what we have right here in the Bible belt. However, it also makes me ashamed of our weak efforts in evangelism. We have the truth, but as the ancient prophet said, in many cases “the seed is yet in the barn.” (Hag. 2:19) We have the truth, but we don’t share it. We don’t share it with people far off abd we don’t share it with people nearby. May the Lord forgive us for our failure to carry out His Great Commission! May He open doors of evangelism for us and may He enpower us to step through them for His glory!



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