The meeting is going well at Mt. View Baptist here in Sylvania, AL. I didn’t get to preach on Wednesday night. The Spirit of the Lord took over the service and He did a wonderful job. I preached last night and we had a great service. Lord willing, I will finish up this evening and head home to North Carolina. I am looking forward to getting home. When this week is over, I have a long break before my next meeting. I’m looking forward to catching up with myself, spending time with Joan and working among the people of Calvary. I am praying that the Lord will use this time to help our church. The good folk at Calvary do not complain about my being gone so often on Wednesday night, but it does have an impact on attendance. When I am in town the crowds are good. When I am away they are pitiful. There’s more wrong with that picture than just the Pastor being out of town. We’ll see if a few months of my being there will make a difference. Anyway, pray for us as we conclude the meeting this evening. I would appreciate your prayers as I will be driving home after the service tonight. God bless!



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