Just Got In

It’s about 2:15 AM Friday and I just got in. Actually, I was in the bed about to drift off to sleep when the phone rang notifying me that one of our dear ladies, who was moved to Hospice on Wednesday, was about ready to leave this world. I got up, got dressed and made my way over there to be with the family. I stood there as they sang to her, prayed with her, talked to her and read the Bible to her. After a while, she slipped off into glory. She had been sick for quite a while, but she isn’t any longer.

Death is can be a cruel messenger. When it comes for one who is not prepared, it leaves the living with a great sense of loss and with no hope at all. When it comes for a child of God, it leaves the living with a sense of peace, and with the sure knowledge that their loved one is with the Lord. I praise the Lord for the hope we have in Jesus! I praise Him for the grace of God that He exhibits in salvation. I praise Him for saving the worst, the weakest, the most foolish and the most undeserving of sinners. I praise Him that He saves us, changes our lives and gives us a new start in Him. I thank God that He gives us hope! When it comes my time to leave this world, I have His promise that I will leave here to go there, with no gap between the two. I will exhale here and inhale there! Praise the Lord, what  heritage the saints of God have in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Do you know Him? The most cruel thing you could ever do is leave this world without your family knowing where you are going. Be sure those who love you know where you stand with Jesus. If you are not saved, look to Him by faith and call on Him for salvation. If you are saved, live like it! May God help us to leave such a legacy that our loved ones have hope when we depart for eternity!



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