No Church On Sunday

This weekend has been a long one. We spent the day at home Saturday, Sunday and it looks like we will be here today as well. Joan had a doctor appointment this morning, but we cannot get out of our driveway. So, I am stuck here until the great city of Lenoir comes by to scrape our street. It is solid ice right now, so here is where I will stay.

Missing church yesterday gave me the chance to think about church and what it means to my life. I miss going to church to worship the Lord. I know I can worship Him anywhere I am, but how sweet it is to gather together with like-minded saints to worship our Redeemer. I miss the people at Calvary. They are special to me and I miss them with I cannot worship with them. Sunday was a long day, but I am now looking forward to Wednesday evening. Lord willing, we will be able to travel by then.

I thank God for the bodily rest I have enjoyed over these past few days, but I am ready to get back at it for His glory!



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