What Happened To The Old-Fashioned Church?

Here is where we are in the modern church. Check this out and weep for the state of things in our Baptist churches.

When the church has to abandon the Word of God and God’s way of spreading the Gospel, we are in serious trouble! When we feel that have to move our pulpits, bring in our Christian rock bands (There’s and oxymoron for you. The “morons” are the ones that do it!) to draw a crowd or reach a certain age group, we have missed the whole point of the New Testament. It is not us, our actions, or our attempts at being relevant that draws people to Jesus Christ for salvation. The Holy Spirit is the One Who draws sinners to Christ, John 6:44. It is through the old-fashioned method of Spirit-anointed, Spirit-filled preaching that sinners are saved. 1 Cor. 1:21.

I know that some, even some in our area, have fallen into the morass of worldly methods of outreach. One of those individuals even took a portion of one of my sermons and posted it on his blog in an effort to lend credibility to what he is doing in his church. Just for the record, while I appreciate him placing me in the company of Dr. John MacArthur and Bishop Ryle (Who by the way would not support what is happening either!), I do not appreciate my name and image being used to support something I am absolutely against.

Preacher, just stick with God’s way of doing business. Pray, prepare and preach the Gospel. Let the world and its churches follow the path to apostate, dead religion. Let us who know the truth stand in the truth and do everything we can to protect our churches and our young people from the onslaught of godless, pagan, unscriptural tactics and so-called worship.

God help us, we are in a mess!



2 comments on “What Happened To The Old-Fashioned Church?

  1. biggspreach says:

    Gracious is the Lord! This preacher came to our town and said, (after a nashville recording artist sang) if i wanted to hear that music i would go to a bar. What a hypocrite!

  2. Manfred says:

    I did not recognize the preacher-boy behind that pulpit in the video. Had to look him up at the You-Tube site. Johnny Hunt, former president of the SBC. Is it time to abandon the SBC?

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