Family Dedication

My wife and I had the wonderful privilege of participating in the dedication of the Jason Dowdell family yesterday. It was my honor to preach in the service and to oversee the dedications of four precious children to the glory of God. Brother Jason is the Pastor of Rustic Hills Baptist Church in Gastonia, NC. He and his wife Valerie are blessed to be the parents of a lovely nine-year-old daughter named Abbey. Due to complications from cancer and chemotherapy, the Dowdell’s were advised against having anymore children. After a number of years, they decided to adopt. On the way to adoption, they allowed two little girls, who are siblings, to be placed in their home. These girls have a brother and an sister who were placed with another family. Through a series of events that border on the miraculous, Jason and Valerie were able to adopt all four children. They range in age from 2 to 7. So, we gathered with the Dowdell family, their extended family, their church family and many of the friends to dedicate this precious family to the Lord. He is using them in a special way already, and my prayer is that they will continue to be vessels of honor to His glory. I look forward to hearing about the salvation of Sam, Ella, Hannah and Summer Grace, as each child grows and comes to know Jesus Christ as his or her Savior. Pray for Jason and Valerie as they adjust to the difficulty of have four new additions to their home. Pray that God will meet their needs and give them grace for all the struggles that lie ahead. Pray also that He will help them to recognize every blessing as He showers His grace on them day by day. As I mentioned in my sermon yesterday, the family if a “God Thing”. He ordained it, He protects it and He will honor it as the family lives out their lives to His glory.



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