Last Night Of Meeting Under The Gospel Tent

Lord willing, we will finish our tent meeting tonight in Vilas, NC. The meeting has been a real blessing this week. God is help to submit with us each night in a very special way. I have experienced great liberty as I preach the Word, and the people have responded to God’s call at the end of the sermon. The only thing that would ice the cake for me would be for someone to be saved to night. Please pray for the meeting, and for brother Eugene Braswell, our moderator.

I preach this same meeting last year. By virtue of it being a tent meeting, it is obviously outside. I suffer from seasonal allergies in the springtime, and last year I became very sick after preaching outside all week. I then followed that meeting with two more weeks of meeting, and by the time it was all over, I was very sick. I learned my lesson this year! Instead of making the hour drive back home in wet clothing, I’ve been changing each night just after I finish preaching. It has made a significant difference. Some things you know to do, but you just have to learn the hard way. I have discovered however, that lessons learned in this manner are not soon forgotten.

Thanks again for your prayers, for your support of The Sermon Notebook, and for your readership of this blog. God bless you all, and especially you preachers, who will open the Word of God and preach the Gospel to God’s glorious church on the Lord’s Day.



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