Meeting At Southside Baptist in Morganton, NC

I am beginning a meeting tonight with Southside Baptist Church in Morganton, NC. The Pastor is Brother Randy Clark. Lord willing, we will meet at Southside through Thursday night. Please remember us in prayer as we seek the Lord for revival during these days of meeting. I would also mention that Brother Scott Moneyham, Pastor of Trinity Baptist in Drexel, NC, is preaching at Liledoun Baptist where Brother James Lockee is the Pastor. The meeting at Liledoun will continue through Friday night. Pray for these meetings and attend if you can. The Lord knows that our churches need need revival. The Lord knows that church people need revival. One of the surest ways for us to receive what we need from the Lord is for us to make His house, His Word and His worship a priority in our lives. Until we do, nothing of any great significance will happen in us or through us. So, find a good meeting and get in on it!



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