Let’s see…

Last time I posted was from Puerto Morelos Mexico. My wife Joan and I had a fantastic vacation in that beautiful little town. We have such a good time that we did not want to come home. I don’t know what you like to do on vacation, as for me, I like to read and rest. In that order, and I did lots of both during our time there. Some people have asked for photos of Puerto Morelos; I will try to post some in the near future.

So, I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to 2011. My son Jesse and I ended the year at Rustic Hills Baptist Church in Gastonia, NC preaching in a Watch Night service along with Wes Hammer and Robbie Stinson. The service was excellent! Pastor Jason Dowdell and his church organized a wonderful worship experience. So, 2011 began well, I would like to see it play out well, to the glory of God.

Last year was a horrendous year on many levels. Yet, amid the difficulties, it was a great year. For one thing, the Lord demonstrated His sufficient grace and unfailing presence on many occasions. For another, I discovered who my real friends were; that is always a blessing, and sometimes, it can even be somewhat of a surprise. All in all, I can look back on the past year with gratitude to God for His faithfulness, to my wife for her love and companionship, for my friends for their support, and you for continuing to visit The Sermon Notebook after all these years. As 2011 begins let us determine in our hearts that whatever this year may bring to pass in our lives, we will faithfully serve our God until Jesus comes.

There is much to do in our Lord’s Kingdom work. Let’s get to and make 2011 count for the glory of God.



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