Great Day At Church

We had a good morning at church today. No, the service was not given over to testimonies. A few testified, but the feature that made the service so great, for me any way, was the the Gospel was preached. I praise the Lord for His grace in allowing me to preach the Gospel, and for my congregation to hear it preached. Not that I am a great preacher, but our Lord has a great Gospel, and it must be declared. After all, it is the means God uses to save sinners, 1 Cor. 1:21; Rom. 10:1. So preacher, preach the Gospel. God will use it to bring His elect to Himself! When you have preached the Gospel, it has been a great day at your church.

By the way, we have seen the Gospel do its work at Calvary. I baptized four of the people who were recently converted at our church last Sunday evening, and I am to baptize two more tonight. Praise His name.



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