Praise the Lord for a good week

We gathered at Calvary on Wednesday evening for our pre-Thanksgiving service. What a time we had! One of our young women had a moral failure a while back and is expecting a child out of wedlock. She confessed her sin to the church and asked for forgiveness. The church folks came around her and affirmed their love for her and their willingness to forgive. Then the saints began to testify about the things they are thankful for. Suffice it to say that the service was a tremendous blessing. God sure does meet with us at Calvary and I praise His holy name!

Yesterday, the family gathered at our house to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a great meal, as usual. The best part was the opportunity to spend some time with family.  After such a busy fall schedule, just a few hours with no demands is a blessing. After the family left, Joan and I went to our son’s house and painted for several hours. We did the same thing tonight. The house is about ready to move into and that is a good thing because they are getting married three weeks from tomorrow! Yikes!

So, anyway, it’s bedtime right now and I’m heading that way!

Alan Carr


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