Florida Update

Well, we had a great day in the Lord’s house yesterday. I appreciate the Lord blessing us like He does. He is a great God and I praise Him for it. I’ll never figure out why He would want to meet with folks like us, but He does. Praise His name!

I left after the PM service and drove to Macon, GA and spent the night. I finished the trip to Perry, FL this morning and I arrived here around 2:30 PM. I studied a while and went to church. The service was good, with several making a move in the altar. Pray for the meeting this week. There are several needs that only the Lord can meet.

On the way down, I listened to some lectures by Dr. Steven J. Lawson. He is the Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, AL. Anyway, he has some lectures on the early church fathers. I listened to a lecture on Ambrose of Milan; a lecture on Jerome and five lectures on Augustine of Hippo. They were very enlightening and challenging. Click this blue text to access his site. You can find them on your own from there. Listen to some of his sermons. They are excellent as well.

God bless!

Alan Carr


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