Good Monday Morning To You All

All right, I am back at the keyboard after a long absence. I could plead a busy schedule. I could make up a thousand excuses. Or, I could just let by gones be by gones and do better from here on out. Anyway, it is Monday morning and the Lord is still a wonderful Lord.

We had a good day at the Lord’s house yesterday. I preached in the AM service and the Lord gave great liberty to do that. Yet, there at least six lost souls in the service, (I am sure there were many, many more), but none came forward to receive Jesus. Help me pray for these folks. The Lord is speaking to their hearts and I would like to see them saved by His grace. Last night we had a missionary name Tom Shuford. Brother Tom has a powerful testimony that will stir your soul and make you grateful for the Lord’s blessings on your life. God has called Brother Tom to a unique ministry. He has a burden to minister to people who suffer from chronic and terminal illness. He is well qualified for such a ministry. Please pray for Brother Tom and his wife Terrie as thy seek the Lord’s will for their ministry and as they try to raise the necessary support.

I am getting ready to head out into the cold (It is 11 degrees here right now, brrrrrr!) to go teach my classes. After that I have a busy afternoon filled with several visits that I need to make. Later this evening, I will join a group of our men as we gather for our Monday prayer meeting. God bless you all as you seek the Lord’s will for your day today. Please keep this preacher in your prayers.

Brother Alan


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