Monday Update

Praise the Lord! One of our precious little girls was saved in her home this morning. She told her mother that she needed to talk to the preacher. Her mother asked why and the girl responded that she was a lost sinner and did not want to go to Hell. The Mom called me and my wife and I went to their home. Before we arrived, the mother led her daughter to Jesus and she was wonderfully saved by God’s grace. Praise His name! God is so faithful!

There are times when you get your eyes off the things that really matter. What matters more than anything is the glory of God; and nothing glorifies Him more than souls being saved. That is the main thing! All the other stuff we get hung up on like our little power trips, issues related to money, positions and opinion, simply do not matter in the end. What matters most is carrying out our Lord’s command to share the Gospel with a lost world. When we do that, we can be sure that God will save souls and that HE will be glorified. Praise the Lord for His grace in salvation!

Alan Carr


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