Good Service Last Night

The Lord helped this preacher in the Wednesday evening service and I praise His name! We had a good crowd and the Lord spoke to hearts through His Word. We should never take that for granted! Something supernatural takes place when a mere man opens the Bible and preaches its truths. That truth is set aflame by the Spirit of God and the Lord uses it to speak to the hearts of other mere men. That truth is declared, received and lived out. A life is changed, a family is altered, a community is touched and God is glorified. Yes, I would say that it is a supernatural thing; a God thing! Isn’t He good to meet with us like He does?

Here’s a bit of web site news for you. I have added a Ministry Resources page. I am making available some of my sermon series and some single sermons as well. I am not interested in making a lot of money, but several people have asked for CDs and I have acquired the equipment necessary to produce the disks, so I am making them available. Each series will be sent out in a 2-ring binder on good quality CDs. I only have three series available at the moment, but more will be posted soon.

So, I am looking at a busy day today. I am leaving here in about 15 minutes to go to the hospital. One of our men is having surgery. After that, I need to do some preparation for Sunday’s sermons. Then, I have a meeting tonight with a young man in our church. Excellent! Today is the best kind of day for it is a day filled with His business.

God bless you as you live out your day!

Alan Carr


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