Praise God For His Blessings

We had a good day at church yesterday. The Lord helped this preacher greatly in both services. He allowed me to preach with His touch and I appreciate that.

I am still preaching in the Gospel of Mark. Yesterday, I was in chapter nine and I simply preached the next paragraph. I am preaching through the book expositionally, and it never ceases to amaze me just how timely the preaching texts are in the life of our church. It is just another confirmation of the sovereignty of God. I know some preachers think they have to discern the perfect will of God for every sermon they preach. And, I believe in praying over the text and over the message, but I just believe God is big enough to bless His Word as it is preached paragraph by paragraph. Call me crazy, but if the Holy Ghost can inspire it that way, then surely God can bless it when it is preached that way. Just a thought. Anyway, I don’t have to fret all week about what to preach next Sunday. I already know, and I can begin my reading, my praying and my preparation way ahead of time. Of course, I am always open to the leadership of the Lord. If He intervenes and lays something on my heart, I will put my series on the back burner and preach what He gives me.

We are beginning our last week of classes at West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministry this week. I always miss school when it ends. So, I had better get ready to go and teach my class today. God bless you all and please keep me in your prayers.

Alan Carr


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