Special Prayer Request

I would like for you all to remember a baby named Abigail Gibson in your prayers. Abigail was born nearly two months early in December and she has been plagued with numerous health problems. She got to come home from the hospital for a couple of days, but had to go back to a neonatal intensive care unit in Winston-Salem, NC. Currently, Abigail is having a problem with fluid gathering on her lungs. Her doctors had to insert a shunt yesterday to drain the fluid. They believe that she has some sort of massive infection in her body that is causing this fluid. At any rate, Abigail, her mother Amy and her grandmother Pam are in need of prayer during these difficult days. So, please pray for Abigail Gibson, and please ask all your churches and Christian friends and family to pray as well. Simply pray that God’s will might be done and that He would supply grace insufficient manner to this hurting family. Thank you!

Alan Carr


One comment on “Special Prayer Request

  1. texaspreacher88 says:

    Hi brother. I am still here and check in. I have re registered under this name. Something happened with the other one.

    God bless you!!


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