Thank God for His Blessings

We went to church on Sunday and the Lord gave us a special day. He met with us in power and glory and He stirred the waters around the house of God. I appreciate Him doing that for us! I did not get to preach on Sunday morning and I barely got to on Sunday evening. It was another good service.

On top of that, Sunday was a rather big day for our family. First, our son Jesse, was called by Bethlehem Baptist Church in Morganton, NC to be their next Pastor. Pray for Jesse as he assumes his responsibilities at Bethlehem. He may be my son, but he is a gifted young preacher and I am proud of him. He will feed his flock in the green pasture of the Word of God. I am excited for him and for them. Then, our church called Chad Carswell, who is also my son-in-law, to be our next Associate Pastor. He will begin his duties on May 4th. Our current Associate, Brother Josh Hinson, is moving to Brunswick, GA to begin a church plant there at the end of May. Please pray for Josh and his family as they make the move south. We will miss them at Calvary, but we are sure the Lord has big things ahead for this fine family. Remember to pray for Chad as he begins his work at Calvary. There will be challenges, but I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for Chad and for our church.

I am preaching this week at Bethel Baptist Church in the Vashti community north of Taylorsville, NC. The service last evening was great! The Lord gave us great liberty to preach and He moved at the end of the service with several people coming forward to bow around the altar in prayer. Please pray for us as this meeting progresses.

Well, it’s about time to go preach. I will try to update you folks about the meeting this week. Take care!

Alan Carr


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